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Ozone Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ

  Ozone Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ

How Ozonated Water Can Help You Protect Yourself from Gum Disease 

Here’s how gum disease arises: When plaque formed from bacteria and food particles stays on the teeth, it can harden into a thick, hard-to-remove substance known as tartar. Plaque can cause gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease where the gum tissue at the base of your teeth is inflamed. If gum inflammation persists, you can wind up with full-on periodontitis. At this stage, plaque, tartar, and bacteria will infect the spaces between your gums and teeth.

By infecting these areas, gum disease causes damage to the soft tissue in your mouth and can weaken the bones supporting your teeth. It can even destabilize your teeth or cause you to lose the teeth affected altogether. Diseased gums are also not so fun to look at: they are typically red or purple, puffy and swollen, and sometimes leave lower areas of the teeth exposed.

     How Gum Disease Can Harm Your Body


Gum disease can have damaging effects that go beyond the gums themselves. Recent studies show that people with gum disease are at greater risk of suffering from heart problems. This is possibly because damaged gums will let harmful bacteria into the bloodstream, where they can worsen problems faced by the blood vessels, such as inflammation. For similar reasons, people with gum disease are more likely to experience a wide range of further health problems, from having a stroke or high blood pressure to developing arthritis or diabetes.

Inflammation of the gums in gum disease may precipitate inflammation elsewhere in the body, such as in the heart and lungs, which can cause more serious health complications. Because inflammation in one part of the body sends chemical signals to the rest of the body to become likewise inflamed, gum disease can make trouble where you’d least expect it—even causing blood vessel inflammation that leads to erectile dysfunction.

Gum disease is also associated with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, and even dementia. In one study, gum disease was found to be associated with mental illness in a staggering 37% of cases. Evidence shows that gum disease correlates with the substance beta-amyloid accumulating in the brain—a major sign of Alzheimer’s. Infection by a bacteria known as Porphyromonas gingivalis, which gum disease lets in the gate, may cause this increase in beta-amyloid production. What’s more, breathing in Porphyromonas gingivalis from the mouth may increase your risk of lung cancer.

     Ozonator Water Therapy


Ozonated water is water infused with ozone, or O3, a molecule containing three oxygen atoms. In an ozone molecule, two oxygen atoms form a basic oxygen molecule (O2), while the third acts as a “radical” loosely attached to the basic molecule. This third atom can easily attach to other molecules and break down their structure. In this way, ozonated water can destroy the cell walls of microorganisms, which means the bacteria to blame for gum disease are no match for this state-of-the-art disinfectant.

Ozonated water is used for sanitation purposes in many industries, including dentistry. Dentists are adopting ozonated water as a healthy and safe disinfectant, whether used before surgery, after tooth extraction, or to combat gum disease.

In one recent study, ozonated water was found to improve health outcomes for patients with moderate gingivitis—so much so that the study suggested ozonated water could serve as an alternative to specialized periodontal mouthwash. Other studies have found that ozonated water is effective at killing the bacteria responsible for periodontitis without damaging healthy oral tissue, making it a powerful toolto treat and prevent gum disease. Further studies show that ozonated water works as well as or even better as a mouthwash than chlorhexidine, another alternative to alcohol-based mouthwash.

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