Invisalign Clear Aligners Cherry Hill

Straighten Your Smile Without Noticeable Metal

Close up of person placing an Invisalign clear aligner in their mouth

Dr. Lee is a certified and preferred provider of Invisalign, a clear orthodontic aligner system for adults and teens that can fit any lifestyle. Rather than the typical braces system, which is very visible, Invisalign trays allow you to correct misalignment without a mouth full of metal. Take the first step toward getting the straight teeth and smile you desire with Invisalign clear aligners in Cherry Hill by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Lee today!


Why Choose Kingston Family Cosmetic Dental Center for Invisalign Clear Aligners?

  • A Discreet Alternative to Traditional Metal Braces
  • See Results Before Treatment with Virtual Smile Design
  • A Dentist with 2+ Decades of Orthodontic Experience

Invisalign® for Teens and Young Adults

Invisalign aligners in their case on desk with school supplies

If you are a teen, you may be anxious about braces but looking forward to improving your smile. You can kick that anxiety to the curb, because with Invisalign, you don’t have to change your daily routine and life for the straighter smile you desire. Invisalign Teen allows you to track your treatment progress with the My Invisalign app. The trays also feature small blue dots that disappear when it’s time to switch to your next series of aligners, making it easy to stay on-top of your treatment.

You can also remove Invisalign when you are playing contact sports or musical instruments, which is another bonus. Your friends may not even notice you are going through treatments, but they will notice you are smiling more!

Invisalign® for Adults

Woman placing Invisalign aligners int heir case

If you are an adult who is long overdue for a straighter smile, Invisalign can accomplish that! At this stage in your life, metal braces are not a choice that you would likely consider. Fortunately for you, Invisalign treatment offers you the convenience and flexibility to straighten your teeth using a modern-day, discreet solution. Whether it be for a special occasion like your upcoming wedding, a major event, or for business reasons, any reason is a good one to invest in Invisalign aligners and enhance your smile!

Why Choose Dr. Lee for Invisalign?

Dentist fitting a patient with Invisalign

With over 15 years of experience as a preferred and certified Invisalign dentist, Dr. Lee has shared the satisfaction of providing countless patients with straighter smiles. She utilizes advanced technology, like our virtual smile design software, to create a digital rendition of your teeth after treatment is complete, taking any guesswork out of the process. She also utilizes a digital impression system to capture a detailed blueprint of your dental structure, making sure each of your aligners shifts your teeth ideally into their proper places.

Costs of Invisalign

Invisalign treatment costs are comparable to that of braces, but the convenience of their removability and discretion is priceless. Invisalign can range anywhere from $3000 – $8000. As with other dental treatments, Dr. Lee will help you determine the actual cost based upon your specific needs.

The cost of Invisalign in Cherry Hill will depend on the complexity and severity of your orthodontic needs, your insurance coverage, and other factors, like whether you lose any trays. Many dental plans cover Invisalign treatments just as they would regular braces, and our team will be happy to file a claim on your behalf. Additionally, Dr. Lee can offer flexible and affordable monthly payment plans if that better suits your needs. If your insurance does not cover treatment, or if costs are a large concern, speak with Dr. Lee.