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Join Our Membership Club

No Dental Insurance? No Worries...


For our patients without insurance, we’ve launched our membership club 

to simplify payments for preventative care with a monthly subscription.

Our loyal members also save money on other treatments. 


We value your loyalty.   


Kingston Family Cosmetic Dental Center

  310 Kresson Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034


Sign up today and start saving money.


  •          Unlimited annual maximums benefits

  •          No annual deductible

  •          No pre-authorization required

  •          No pre-existing conditions exclusions

  •          No open enrollment periods

  •          No waiting periods on major treatment  

  •          Your membership is effective immediately.

  •          Your membership is non-transferrable.

  •          Your membership is non-refundable.

  •          You can cancel your membership.

  •          Monthly payments are optional                                (a major credit or debit card required)

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