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“Dr. Lee is an extraordinary dentist and by far the best in the South Jersey area.  She is so dedicated to her work.  She has an impeccable attention to detail from routine teeth cleanings to surgery.  You will not leave her office until you are completely comfortable with her work. Not only does she pay close attention to her patients needs while in the office, she will also follow up after procedures to make sure everything is still feeling fine.  If you are not feeling fine, she will make sure you see her the following day.  Many people feel apprehensive and reluctant to visit a dentist, but Dr. Lee’s practice provides such exceptional care that anyone can relax and feel at ease in trusting her work.  She puts in an extensive amount of time to ensure her patients receive the best and most up-to-date dental treatments.  Dr. Lee’s staff is also very knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly which adds to her overall office experiences.   Dr. Lee provides personalized and professional care for her patients, which is truly hard to find anywhere else.  I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work!”


"Dr. Lee is one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, caring and experienced dentists.  I visited her about six years ago for the first time when I was looking for a local dentist for general cleanings.  I was referred to Dr. Lee by Met Life based on her experience and location.  I found Dr. Lee more that Met Life had explained to me about her. During my first visit, she took enough time to perform a thorough examination and explained to me that the symptoms I was experiencing were as a result of having infection around my molar teeth and I needed a deep cleaning.  I was very nervous about this procedure but she assured me that cleaning my teeth would not be painful.  It helped calm my fear of going to the dentist. Since that very first visit, my wife and I are both seeing Dr. Lee on a regular basis.  Thanks to her staff that makes sure that we get our routine cleanings done on time.  Dr. Lee treats every visit like my first visit, by taking enough time to perform a proper cleaning and explaining what I need to do to keep my teeth healthy. The staff is very polite, flexible and helpful.  I am really satisfied with their results.  I will surely tell my other friends about their appreciable and caring services."


"It is with great pleasure that I offer my personal recommendation for Dr. Kessy Lee. From my very 1st visit with Dr. Lee, it has been very easy to refer Dr. Lee. She truly values the well being of her patients and her professionalism is 2nd to none. Her personalized care along with using the most up-to-date techniques and procedures have made me most comfortable in trusting her with my dental care. She is simply the best!"


I have been a patient of Dr.Lee's since 2005 when I first moved to Philadelphia. Every week I traveled from Philadelphia to seek treatment with Dr.Lee using Invisilgn where other dentists have told me in the past I was not a candidate. Dr.Lee is so gentle, patient, meticulous and a perfectionist. By the time we finished I had perfect teeth just in time for my wedding.