Dental Surgery in Cherry Hill, NJ

Dr. Lee offers oral surgery services. Dental surgeries include dental tooth extractions and dental bone grafts to Cherry Hill families.



Bone loss can occur in the jaws around diseased teeth due to gum disease, because of fractured teeth, injuries or infections. Over time the jawbone associated with the missing teeth shrinks. This leaves poor quality and quantity of bone, unsuitable for placement of dental implants. With bone grafts, dentists can grow bone where needed, virtually anywhere on the jaws. This then enables the use of dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth. Commonly used materials for bone grafts include your own bone, bank bone, bovine bone and synthetic bone, depending on the location and severity of the bone loss.  Large bone grafts always use the patient’s own bone.


Bone grafts are minor procedures which can be accomplished in the office under local anesthesia.  More serious procedures are performed in an operating room and require a hospital stay.



Teeth are used for biting, chewing and teeth also maintain your jaw structure. It’s a dentist’s first priority to save and help you restore and maintain your natural teeth for those reasons. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is absolutely necessary. Dr. Lee will make sure you are comfortable with your extraction procedure. She will walk you through every step of the procedure for tooth extraction, and you can discuss beforehand the use of local anesthetics.


A dental extraction is the procedure of removing a tooth from your mouth. This procedure normally takes place after one of your teeth is damaged beyond repair because of any of the following circumstances:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Tooth infection
  • Too costly to repair the tooth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Beginning to affect the nearby tissue and bone structures of mouth
  • Blocking other teeth from coming in
  • Wisdom teeth are routinely extracted


A Few Simple Guidelines For Tooth Extractions and Bone Grafts

Your dentist may give you instructions to follow after an extraction or bone graft. It is important to talk to your dentist if you have any questions or experience any problems. Here are some guidelines to help healing, prevent complications, and make you more comfortable after an extraction or bone graft:



Before the extraction, you will be given an anesthetic to numb you and reduce your discomfort. Your mouth will remain numb for a few hours afterwards. Do not to bite your cheek, lip or tongue. Do not eat any foods that require chewing.



Your dentist may use gauze to limit bleeding. This will also help a blood clot to form. Leave the gauze in place. If the pad becomes soaked with blood replace it with fresh gauze. Dampen with clean, warm water and place it directly on the extraction area.

  • Do not disturb the site with your tongue.
  • Do not disturb the blood clot that forms in the tooth socket! This is part of the healing process!
  • Do not use a straw for a day.
  • Do not drink alcohol or use mouthwash.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not exercise.
  • Do not clean your mouth, except you may brush your other teeth and tongue.  



Make sure you take your medication as directed if your dentist has prescribed it to you.


Swelling and Pain

To help reduce swelling and pain, use an ice pack or cold compress to your face, but not for too long.


When to Call Dr. Lee

If you experience fever, nausea, ongoing bleeding or pain, call Dr. Lee or head to the emergency room.



If you have to have sutures removed, Dr. Lee will tell you when to return to the office.


Are you looking for a dental surgeon in Cherry Hill, New Jersey? Dr. Lee of Kingston Family Cosmetic Dental Center provides highly rated services using advanced technology to perform dental surgeries, extractions and bone grafts. Call us at (856) 795-9007 to learn more or book an appointment today!

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