Botox Treatments and Dermal Fillers in Cherry Hill, NJ


botox-treatment-cherry-hill-njRejuvenate your smile with Botox treatments! That’s right! Botox is now used in the dental field as well! Your dentist can administer Botox injections to you if you are interested! Botox generally is used as a cosmetic treatment but it can also help alleviate pain orally, such as pain or discomfort from TMJ or jaw pain, and bruxism, teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw. Issues with facial muscles and conditions can also be solved with Botox treatments. A single Botox injection treatment can last 4-5 months, which means that it provides relief for that length of time. Dr. Lee and her team have rejuvenated plenty of smiles – and spirits – through skillfully executed Botox procedures.



dermal-fillers-cherry-hill-njDermal fillers can give you the look of a more youthful you! As we get older, our faces begin to stretch and produce less collage and elastin which kept us young and tight and youthful looking. This leads to lines and wrinkles and in extreme cases that can turn nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth, sagging eyelids, saggling jowls, and more.


There are many types of dermal fillers available today. Dermal fillers are noninvasive. Dermal fillers are a way to address wrinkles, volume deficiency, hallowing of skin, plump up and reshapen the lips, and restore a more youthful look to your neck. Dermal fillers can also be used to add volume to your cheeks, lessen the creases around your mouth, life sagging jowls, diminish smile lines, fill in lines on the forehead and on the nose, as well as address crows feet and smooth out any rough patches. You can also use dermal fillers for lip augmentation.  Restylane and JUVEDERM® are the two most popular brands of dermal fillers on the market today. They are trusted to restore and enhance lip volume and shape with natural looking results.


You can get natural looking, long lasting results with botox treatments and dermal fillers. Dr. Lee’s philosophy is to give you a pleasing appearance, with a natural look, nothing overdone. Dr. Lee is experienced with a wide range of botox treatments and dermal fillers and will choose the treatment that will leave you looking fabulous.


If you are looking for a great family dentist in Cherry Hill, New Jersey then look no further! Dr. Lee of Kingston Family Cosmetic Dental Center provides botox treatment services using the most advanced technology to give you the brightest smile! Call us at (856) 795-9007 to learn more or book an appointment today!

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